Samantha Jane Stubbs – Art Psychotherapist

Art Therapy service for children, palliative care, older adults and dementia patients.

I am keen to develop a practice that puts clients’ needs first.  I believe this can be achieved in partnership with care providers and families.  I work with a holistic approach, thinking about the body and mind connection as well as the environment the client is in and the dynamics at play there.  I think there is space to have a somewhat spiritual practice – faith and/or hope held from any belief or religion –  without losing the essence of psychotherapy and keeping in mind current research and facts, especially with regards to neuroscience and trauma, as well as holding in mind the client’s own story.

I have past experience as a volunteer in a Mental Health Care Residential Facility working in Older Adult Services as well as Personality Disorder Services.

I have worked for over 10 years in the Looked After Children system. I have vast experience in working with different facets of trauma. My direct experience with children in offering them weekly therapy has given me a wealth of knowledge in this field.

I gained experience of working with Foster Carers in my last role which has given me a different perspective of the system as well as the opportunity to work with adults and deliver training and consultation.

I am  involved in the Art Therapy Northern Programme, which is run in partnership between Leeds Beckett University and Sheffield Health and Social Care NHS Foundation Trust, and run a weekly training group on the year 1 MA.

I currently also run a weekly Art Group in a Care Home and have some sessional work in a Hospice.



One thought on “Profile

  1. Hi Samantha
    Have a look a the Child First website there might be something there you can use I enjoyed your profile I too work with looked after children
    Good look with your endeavours
    Liz Pearce


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