Art Therapy with Children and Young People:
I am a peripatetic independent Art Therapist based in Yorkshire available to offer children and young people individual therapy sessions whether they are Looked After or not.

Art therapy can help with a number of issues for example children in danger of exclusion, those experiencing emotional and behavioural difficulties or social and communication difficulties. It may be helpful for young people struggling with particular life events such as bereavement, changes in family structure, and illness, those who have suffered abuse, bullying or trauma, or who have experience of abuse or exposure to domestic violence.

I offer both short term and long term work to suit their needs. The length of therapy will be determined by a child’s needs. It could be a few weeks, months or years. This can take place in school.


I am able to deliver group work and a therapeutic training course to support teenagers in understanding their trauma. This will empower them and support them in making positive choices as they will increase their self-esteem and confidence.

I have received the training to deliver Food for Thought workshops. These are the result of a research project done at the University of Sterling and follow on from a study on food and children in residential care.

I give consultation to a range of carers: residential care staff, therapeutic parents, foster carers and adopters. I am also able to present training to meet your needs and theirs; we can discuss a tailor made package. This could be a one day workshop on attachment or brain development for example, or a course that carers/staff would attend weekly for a period of time.

I offer supervision and clinical consultation to other Art Therapists or staff caring for vulnerable, traumatised or challenging children and young people.

Art Therapy with Older Adults and Dementia Patients                                          I offer Art Therapy in Care Homes as well as in family homes, running groups as well as individual sessions.

Most patients affected by Dementia have Alzheimer’s Disease which affects memory as well as some other faculties, such as language and communication.  They are however able to access their creativity and keep part of their brain functioning.  Art therapy can offer a life line to sufferers, helping them find a new way to express themselves and communicate.  It validates their being, their story, and promotes a positive sense of self through accomplishment.

art-therapy-with-dementia-patients-poster                                                                art-therapy-with-dementia-patients-information-sheet


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